Tempered Expectations


If you thought the writing was amateur, check out these photography skills!

It had been a while since I’d been up to the highlands of Simon Fraser University’s main campus on Burnaby Mountain and I arrived a bit early to see if anything had changed since my school days. The much-celebrated new observatory now sits next to the AQ. There’s finally a Tim Hortons and a Starbucks on campus. They’ve even started construction on a Student Union Building!1 But for the most part, it was the same old SFU that I remembered. Same concrete buildings. Same seemingly-endless parade of stairs. Same fish in the koi pond. And the same Terry Fox Field where this past Saturday the Clan took on the UBC Thunderbirds in an exhibition women’s soccer game.2

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Nous Sommes Prêts

Trevor grad solo 2

Look at this schmuck. Look at his dumb smile. This guy thinks he’s made it. That he’s in the clear. You can almost see him thinking, “I’m free! Now my real life can begin!” What a moron. If he only knew that he was about to spend four years getting a useless Masters degree and end up stuck at a dead-end job with no hope of owning a broom closet (let alone a house) in his own hometown, this doofus would be sprinting back to the registrar’s office to change his major (again) and put off graduating for the next twenty years.

In case you haven’t clued in yet, this chump is me. I’m a graduate of Simon Fraser University. And I’ve decided to write a blog about the SFU Clan. Because I’m an idiot.

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