Hidely-Ho, Neighbourino!


Penalty on Trinity Western. Two minutes for breaking the Community Covenant.

Regional rivalries are the best rivalries. Whether it’s Calgary vs. Edmonton, Texas vs. Oklahoma, USA vs. the world, everyone loves a good fight between neighbours. Proving the superiority of our community/city/country is the reason we have sports. “Where we live is awesome and where you live SUCKS!” If I can’t shove my community’s superiority in your face, then what’s the point of having a superior community? And what better way to do it than have the guys wearing our community’s jersey beat the everloving crap out of the guys wearing your community’s jersey. Rivalries between neighbours are great because the rivalries are personal. They exist not just in the sports world, but in our daily lives. Sure, I might not know any of the UBC athletes personally, but I definitely know a bunch of snotty UBC grads, and sports gives me an opportunity to prove to them that their school is CLEARLY inferior to mine!1 That’s what rivalry is all about. That’s what sports is all about!

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Humbled by Humboldt


It may not be the Big House, but at least it’s pretty.

This is it. The big one. The sport to rival them all. Finally, I was going to see live college football. Yeah, soccer and hockey are all well and good, but this is the real deal. If I was going to find school spirit at SFU, it was going to be at a football game. This is where the magic happens. At least that’s what ESPN tells me.

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