Clan Rally


And don’t get me started on how bland the logos are.

Okay, SFU fans. I’ve danced around it for the past couple months, but I can’t avoid talking about it anymore. We need to have a chat about the team name.

It’s terrible.

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If You Build It, Will They Come?


I’d sing, but it would probably just deflate the team.

SFU’s women’s soccer team has been pretty good so far this season. Sporting a 5-3-1 record going into Saturday’s game, they’ve played well enough to hang with the top teams in GNAC. A particular stand-out has been the offensive play of freshman forward Emma Pringle, who currently has seven goals and one assist in eleven games played. I was hoping that this would be my chance to finally see the Clan win, as it’s been a dismal two months covering these teams so far. I’ve seen the Clan get smacked around by UBC, Trinity Western, Nowhere State, and Central Whocaresville University, but this time was going to be different. This time I was watching a good SFU team. And all they had to do was beat what I thought was a mediocre Montana State Billings Yellowjackets.

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Coming Home


Please pay no attention to the scoreboard.

Before last Saturday, I had never gone to a Homecoming event before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought that it was supposed to be a big deal. It sure sounds like it’s supposed to be a big deal. My aunt, who is the alumni director at a private American school, is always busy in the fall as she preps for Homecoming, and from the sound of it, there it’s a BIG DEAL. But when I was at SFU, I never heard anything about it. Did they even have Homecoming events at SFU while I was there? Regardless, I was curious to see what SFU had planned for this year and if any alumni would show up. And given that this was supposed to be a potentially winnable game for the Clan football team, I had high hopes for the event all around!1

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