I was a student at Simon Fraser University from 2005 through to 2009. While there I became a big sports fan. But for some reason, I never went to see the SFU Clan. I was an idiot.

So join along as I rectify my old mistake and partake in the exciting (and affordable) sports offerings at my alma mater. I’m not promising any breaking news on the Clan or deep analysis of their games. There are way smarter people for that. This is simply about the experience of being a fan.

Go Clan!

-Trevor Stackhouse-Bose

P.S. This blog is in no way officially endorsed or promoted by Simon Fraser University. The ignorant opinions expressed are my own.


About the Author

Trevor Stackhouse-Bose graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2009 and works in marketing at a bookstore in Langley, BC. Born in Chicago and raised in Winnipeg and Vancouver, he enjoys following the sports teams in all three cities. He currently lives with his wife in a basement suite on the east side of Vancouver and dreams of being able to afford a tiny condo after the giant earthquake finally hits and tanks everyone’s property value. He’s also a big, dumb idiot, so you shouldn’t take anything he says seriously.

To contact Trevor, please hurl your abuse at his Twitter account: @trevorstackbose